What makes Vintage Vinyl Events different from any other DJ service?

I'm the only wedding DJ in the Portland area offering a collection of over 5,000 classic songs all played on vinyl. My record collection is a sought after compilation of styles and genres spanning many decades and it's my joy to share it with you and your guests. If you're looking for a DJ who has a unique and well-curated selection of classic jazz, soul, rock and dance music, then I'm your guy.

Do you provide music and equipment for wedding ceremonies?

I most certainly can. Let me know in advance what you'll need and I can work it into a custom quote for you. I typically bring a second sound system to streamline setup.

How long will you DJ during our event?

My typical rates start at a 4 hour set and last up to 6 hours. For more playtime, let me know in advance and we'll work it out.

Can you act as an MC during our event?

Yes, absolutely. I can make announcements & keep the party on schedule to make sure things go smoothly. 

What time do you setup before the ceremony?

I show up one hour prior to the ceremony to make sure everything is good to go before your guests arrive. 

How far will you travel and will it cost extra if we are outside of the Portland Metro area?

I can travel to any destination in Oregon or Washington. 

How do custom playlists work?

You can choose up to 15 essential songs for your party and I'll work them into the set, no problem. 

Do you take requests?

Absolutely. It's up to you if you want guests to be able to request songs during the reception but I'm always open to it. The only hitch is that since I play records - I may not have the songs requested. 

Can we pay you for overtime if we want to keep the party going?

For sure. I typically charge by the half hour and you'll need to pay either in cash or by check before the night is over.

Do you provide a written contract?

Always. The best way to keep our expectations in line is to have a clear, simple written agreement. 

Can you extend your collection of music to fit our needs?

I'm happy to bring my laptop DJ setup in addition to my vinyl collection. This adds quite a bit of musical flexibility to the night and keeps those requests in arms reach at all times.